Black History Month

Join us this February as we celebrate Black History Month through the lens of culinary excellence. This cooking event is a tribute to the rich and diverse flavors that have shaped African American culinary history. From soul food classics to modern twists, we're cooking up a storm to honor this important month. 

This event lasts 90 minutes with a breakdown as below: 

  • 0-10 mins: Introduction to African American traditions.
  • 10-50 mins: Demonstration of traditional dishes, and cook along with participants. 
  • 50-70 mins: Finalizing and plating.
  • 70-90 mins: Q&A and sharing experiences.

Don't miss out on this flavorful journey through history. Register now and be part of a cooking event that not only tastes good but also pays homage to a rich cultural heritage. Let's cook, learn, and celebrate together!

The base price of this class is $399 USD which allows up to 10 devices in the event. Each additional device is an additional $39 USD.  Small Group and Multiple Class discounts are available. Looking for cooking classes for private or small groups, explore here

What People Are Saying:

This event was a heartfelt homage to African American culinary heritage. Participants were treated to a rich tapestry of flavors, learning both the history and the techniques behind iconic dishes. It was an enlightening and delicious experience.

Michael Johnson