Women’s History Month

Welcome to our Women’s History Month Cooking Event! This March, we're celebrating the incredible contributions of women in the culinary world. Join us as we cook recipes created by renowned female chefs and learn about the women who have shaped our food culture.

This event lasts 90 minutes with a breakdown as below: 

  • 0-10 mins: Introduction to Women’s culinary history.
  • 10-50 mins: Demonstration of traditional dishes, and cook along with participants. 
  • 50-70 mins: Finalizing and plating.
  • 70-90 mins: Q&A and sharing experiences.

Be part of this empowering culinary experience. Sign up today and cook alongside us as we pay tribute to the women who have seasoned our world with their extraordinary talents and tastes. Let's get cooking!

The base price of this class is $399 USD which allows up to 10 devices in the event. Each additional device is an additional $39 USD.  Small Group and Multiple Class discounts are available. Looking for cooking classes for private or small groups, explore here

What People Are Saying:

An empowering and educational cooking event that shone a light on the contributions of female chefs. The recipes were diverse and delicious, and the stories behind them added depth and inspiration to the cooking experience.

Sarah Martinez